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Cap Camarat 7.5 WA


The Cap Camarat 7.5 WA is a strategic model as it, on its own, is aimed at replacing two very successful models: the Cap Camarat 715 WA and 755 WA.

Why? Because today, progress in terms of design shows that the best from these two very similar models (25 cm difference in hull length) can be offered by just one, better-balanced model.

How? By following one golden rule: strictly observing the fundamental criteria of a Jeanneau WA (design - performance – safety and comfort on board – use of space) and incorporating the best aspects of both models being replaced.

The Cap Camarat 7.5 WA wears a very elegant design, lovely hull Jeanneau traditional, single or twin engines, adaptable cockpit, ‘ultra-flat’ sundeck and its cabin with ‘sea views’ and separate heads area.

The Cap Camarat 7.5 WA certainly has all the qualities to very rapidly become the best selling WA in Europe.