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Cap Camarat 5.5 WA

The Cap Camarat 5.5 WA perfectly combines all the qualities to look for in a boat from 5 to 6 metres in length. Conceived and refined by the talents of the Jeanneau Design Team, the Cap Camarat 5.5 WA boasts a stable hull, a well-balanced and ergonomic deck plan, and a proven, elegant overall design, all hallmarks of the Cap Camarat line. A single 100-hp outboard engine will deliver a top speed of about 34 knots.

Key Features:
- Harmonious shapes, dynamic line and exceptionnal performance
- A spacious, well-balanced and fully adaptable deck plan
- It perfectly combines design, functionnality and performances
- The conception is in accordance with Walk around style
- A clean design in the elegant style of the Cap Camarat WA line
- Elongated deck lines from stem to stern
- A cabin integrated into the overall design
- An aerodynamic wrap-around windscreen
- A stable, high-performance v-shaped hull
- Security throughout (cockpit, forward deck, sidedecks)
- A cockpit design affording more space (recessed bench seating)
- A cabin with double berth
- An ergonomic and secure forward deck
- Two sidedecks (principal sidedeck port, secondary sidedeck starboard)
- Hull moulded in a single piece with traditional fibreglass stratification
- Deck moulded in a single piece, or by sandwich construction in stratification zones
- Easy to transport on a trailer and launch