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Cap Camarat 5.1 CC

The Cap Camarat 5.1 CC, the newest addition to the Jeanneau product range was developed especially for those considering a first boat purchase (exceptional pricing), permit in hand. This all-new Cap Camarat measures over 5 metres in length, ideal for new boaters who seek to escape the daily routine and take to the water with their families in complete security. Conceptualised with an open cockpit design to maximize your pleasure on the water, she offers extraordinary ease of handling, both at port and at sea.

The Cap Camarat 5.1 CC draws its inspiration from the classic Cap Camarat hull, a Jeanneau best seller that is renowned in the cruising world for its proven seaworthy qualities. With an 50HP to 80 HP engine (maximum power), this Cap Camarat has plenty of personality. Endowed with a strong, pronounced V-shaped bow, her shapely semi-planing hull offers speeds adapted to the 5 most popular recreational activities aboard this style of boat: waterskiing, fishing, touring, far niente and cruising at speed. Security onboard the Cap Camarat 5.1 CC is a key strength, particularly for families with young children. She offers exceptional stability, numerous handrails and high sideboards. The spacious cockpit is well protected by a stainless steel balcony railing, while the leaning post bench seating and central console contribute to the overall comfort.

Owing to its unique Jeanneau construction, registered and ISO-certified (buoyancy), the Cap Camarat 5.1 CC is distinguished by an exceptional robustness that lends itself to intensive use. She is can easily be towed by a trailer hitched to a classic sedan, and she can be put in the water or brought to shore in no time. The Cap Camarat 5.1 CC is designed for 5 people and category C coastal cruising. Living space onboard is divided into three distinct areas. First, the Cap Camarat 5.1 CC features a comfortable and convivial living space aft with wide bench seating. On either side of the engine, aft swim platforms allow easy water access by a swim ladder on the port side. Generous storage, another strong point, is located under the centre cockpit. Ergonomic and contemporary, the modular “leaning post style” bench seating has been studied for maximum comfort while sitting or standing.

Easy access to the forward deck leads to an attractive sundeck. On a practical note, the deep anchor locker is also easily accessible.